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Data Recovery & Services

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  • Data Recovery & Services

    Data recovery is the method of recovering data files from corrupted, failed, damaged or inaccessible storage devices. Besides Windows PC and Macintosh personal computer systems, our recovery service is also intended for Servers, NAS hard drives, SSDs and network RAID's. Recovery is usually required as a result physical damage to a disc drive.

  • A data recovery professional will examine the Mac or PC hard drive by using a general step-by-step approach. After discussing what went wrong with the customer's computer, the data recovery service will be able to search for indications of physical damages specifically, in the event that the actual physical damage may not be immediately visible.
  • In most cases, data loss can be caused by the unintentional deletion of documents, human error, data mishandling, virus attack, hacking, etc. In most of these types of situations, at least a portion of the original computer data could be retrieved by restoring the affected computer files by utilizing professional data recovery software programs.
  • Our data recovery services are conducted in a highly sophisticated ISO classified clean room. If your disk drive fails and is too physically damaged to be read by the computer, contains important information, and is worth investing in to retrieve, we will need to get the hard disk drive to our clean room data recovery facility.