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Affordable Computer Services is different from other computer repair shops in that I personalize your experience. I take the time to listen to your concerns and help you through your computer issues to your satisfaction. I always explain the repair that needs to be performed and keep you updated throughout the process.

Nope! You can just bring in your computer to the shop, no appointment necessary. I operate on a first come first serve basis, but I do offer Rush Service if you need your computer back right away. I only need appointments for house calls.
For desktop computers, all you need to bring in is the tower and any CD's you can find that belong to it (cables, monitors, keyboards, and mice are not needed).
For laptops, please be sure to bring in the charger as well as any CD's you can find. We do not need your laptop case. Also, if you are having a problem with a specific device (ex. your computer speakers aren't working) please bring in that device too.
If you bring in your computer to the shop, our basic diagnosis is FREE! I set up your computer in front of you and I will assess your issues on the spot as best I can. In some cases we would have you drop off your computer and I will call you with a diagnosis.
If your issue does not fit under our free basic diagnosis you will be notified and we will do our best to give you an upfront cost of the diagnostic fee.
Yes of course! I specialize in supporting small to medium sized businesses in all of their technology needs. I can do everything from the ground up if you are moving into a new office (running network cables and more) or I can maintain your current computers and network. I also offer an affordable annual maintenance plan too.
Yes, in many cases I can recover deleted data in house, and if I can't I can refer you to a data recovery specialist. If you are in this predicament, I recommend you stop using the computer immediately. The more you use the computer after you deleted the files the more difficult it becomes and less likely I can achieve the results you desire. Again, stop using the computer immediately and bring it in to the shop for your best chances of recovery.
Absolutely! I can come to your home or business to fix any problems you may have. I just request you schedule an appointment as far in advance as possible. I typically make mornings my in-home repairs and sometimes in the evenings as needed.
It depends on the issue (and how busy I am) but most repairs are done within 2-4 business days and sometimes even sooner! Advanced hardware repairs or repairs that require custom ordered parts can take longer depending on the severity of the issue. I take pride in having extremely fast turn-around and in many cases I have fixed our customers computers on the spot for them. All or our repairs are done "in house" to ensure the fastest turnaround time possible.
The computers that come into the operating room are worked on in a "first come first serve" basis. If your issue requires immediate attention I offer Emergency Rush Service for an additional fee. This services lets you "cut the line" and we work to fix your computer immediately.
Sure! When you bring in your computer to the office, I set it up right in front of you and go over all of the issues we can see. This way you can describe the problems you are having with the computer in the best way possible.
Each custom website that we do is designed and developed by our website partner, Rick Dery Design, to the specific needs of your business. He specialize in custom designed websites as well as some online services like: email marketing, SEO, social media, Graphic Design and Photography services.
What we need from you is a list of your needs and wants and he will be able to give you a rough estimate based on your ideas.
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