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Graphic Design

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  • Why use a Graphic Designer?

    While creating your own newsletters and business cards may have seemed like a necessity when you first started your company, continuing to do so is limiting your potential business. Like it or not, a customer's opinion of your company is often made in the first few seconds, and during that time nothing has a greater impact than the appearance of your marketing materials. You may have the best products in the world, but unless you can present an image of a capable company, you may never have the opportunity to prove it.

  • This is where the services of a professional graphic designer comes in. Much in the same way that you hire an accountant to handle your financial matters or a computer technician like Mike to fix your computer. Putting graphic design in the hands of a professional will return far greater profits than the money you try to save by designing it yourself.
  • There are many details to graphic design that may not be apparent to someone outside of the industry. Choosing colors, fonts and images can often seem simple but this is because people often choose what appeals to them. To take it a step further, there are many nuances to the layout of a marketing piece that have a tremendous impact on it's effectiveness. True graphic design is about creating something that will illicit a particular response, whether it's to convey a message or to persuade a potential buyer.
  • I use Rick Dery Design for my web & graphic design because he's easy to work with and offers affordable range of graphic design services, from print media such as brochures, posters and signage, to logo and billboard design, as well as website design.