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On-Site Computer Repair & Service

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  • On-Site Computer Repair & Service

    Having a tech support professional has always been the most reliable option. While on-site support is subject to some element of travel and possibly a longer wait time, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in most cases:

  • It is much easier to diagnose more vague problems onsite in person than remotely. For instance, a client who calls with a problem such as a black or blue screen can likely not be helped remotely.
  • In general, computers which have failed completely cannot be booted up remotely and troubleshooting which requires a "safe boot" or alternative boot drive cannot occur remotely.
  • A computer support professional can often diagnose a problem by listening to the computer sounds and must be on site to do this; a good example is the "click of death" sound that a failed hard drive makes.
  • There are many issues which simply cannot be resolved remotely, including hardware failure, power failure and physical damage.
  • When your operating system will not boot up or you can't connect to your printer, network or the internet a personal office call from Mike can usually fix the problem.
  • Talk with Mike about your issues with your home, home office or your business office computer. He will make sure he has the hardware or software fix and all within your budget. Call Mike today at 810-965-7998