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Preventative Maintenance Services

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  • Preventative Maintenance Services

    Preventive Maintenance refers to performing regular maintenance in order to prevent system problems. This is in comparison to diagnostic or corrective maintenance, which is performed to correct a current problem. EXAMPLE: If your plan is implemented once every six months – then 1 day every 6 months a technician will arrive at your location for as long as needed to cover our 12 Point inspection listed below.

  • Our comprehensive plan includes all of the following:
    • Diagnose all Computer Hardware
    • Verify All Hardware Drivers are installed
    • Review Event Viewer on Workstation PC's
    • Software Updates
    • Check UPS (Battery Backups) if available
    • Remove unnecessary startup items
    • Review virus activity logs
    • Run Disk Cleanup, Defragment if necessary
    • System Restore Point created after all maintenance is performed
    • Check Printers
    • Perform Internal cleaning of computer components
    • Consult with client about upgrade possibilities
  • Preventive Maintenance Helps Safe Guard Your Data: The data on the hard disk is more important than the hardware that houses it. If your computer crashed today... how would it affect your life (or Business) tomorrow? How much do you rely on your computer system to perform every day activities? You don't realize how much you rely on your computer until you have to go without it. Try it yourself... don't check your E-Mail for one or two days.
  • Access your important files, videos or backup your home/small office computer from anywhere with an Affordable Computer Network backup drive. Call us to discuss at 810-965-7998 your home/small office server needs and let us find you an affordable solution.